Uttar Pradesh Fire Service
Government Of Uttar Pradesh

Do You Know

  • When Fire starts smoke SPREADS and KILLS people.

  • When sofas, foam, upholstery, PVC burn TOXIC smoke evolves that KILLS INSTANTLY in less than two minutes.

  • If worn clothes catch fire you should STOP, DROP and ROLL.

  • If you smell cooking gas it must be leaking. Ventilate at floor level because LPG is HEAVIER than air.

  • Smoke is hot and lighter than air and rises up. In case of fire CRAWL on floor for cool air to stop suffocation.

  • If fire outbreaks in your living room you must leave the room immediately and close the door BEHIND you.

  • In a fire outbreak SMOKE, PANIC, SHOCK and SUFFOCATION are the main killers. Do not shout or run. This tends to cause panic and asphyxiation.

  • That you must not use LIFTS in case of fire, as it is the pathway for smoke, embers, and flame.

  • Maximum numbers of fires that occur in our state are in RURAL areas.

  • Most URBAN fires are due to electricity or LPG.

  • Simplest and most useful fire-fighting equipment for a home is a BLANKET and a BUCKET full of WATER.

  • Once a fire takes hold, there is only one completely safe place to be-OUTSIDE. If trapped inside getting out is the priority.

  • In unventilated fires CARBON MONOXIDE evolves that kills instantly. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

  • You must COMMUNICATE the incident once you are out in open that is TOTAL SAFETY. Call the Fire Service. The services of the Fire Brigade are provided FREE OF COST DIAL 101 irrespective of the size of the fire.

  • Emergency number for calling Fire101and Police100 is FREE OF COST, even when you use the P.C.O.