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How To Use An Emergency Action Plan

  • A written, up-to-date Emergency Action Plan for your workplace is essential in case of emergency. Make sure you read and understand your department's Emergency Action and Fire Drill Plan.

  • The plan should contain information about evacuation from the facility, including who is in charge of it.

  • Primary and secondary escape routes should be outlined for every area of the building. Since stairways are the primary escape route in multiple story buildings, they should not be used for any kind of storage.

  • Lifts should NEVER be used in fire emergencies and kept grounded.

  • Emergency Action Leaders should be assigned specific duties, such as verifying that all workers/employees/students/faculty/staff have evacuated.

  • Pre-fire planning must clearly show the locations of the workstations of the disabled workers. Disabled workers and those with known medical problems such as heart disease or epilepsy should EACH be assigned an Emergency Action Leader to guide them to safety. All workers who might need assistance during a fire should be identified during planning.

  • Fire drills should be scheduled to test the Emergency Action Plan. Let the drill be used to find problems before a fire happens, then make the necessary changes.

  • Emergency Action Plans must be pasted on the inside of room/hall doors.

  • If your department does not have an Emergency Action Plan, contact your department head and get one! If your department needs assistance in creating an Emergency Action Plan, contact Uttar Pradesh Fire Services for assistance.