Uttar Pradesh Fire Service
Government Of Uttar Pradesh

How To Use Fire Extinguisher :

Remember the acronym, "P.A.S.S."

Pull The Pin
Aim The Extinguisher Nozzle at the Base of the Flames.
Squeeze the Trigger while holding the Extinguisher upright.
Sweep the Extinguisher from side to side, covering the area of the fire with the Extinguishing Agent.

Should your path of escape be threatened
Should the extinguisher run out of agent
Should the extinguisher prove to be ineffective
Should you no longer be able to safely fight the fire
Then Leave The Area Immediately !

  • An Extinguisher is a "First Aid" Tool
    Don't expect it to control a big fire:
  • For small, isolated fires only
    If the fire is too big don't try to fight it
  • Short duration
    Depending on the size, 10 seconds to 30 seconds of spray
  • Short range
    Depending on the size/type, 5-10 feet
  • Fire ahead; escape behind
    Keep yourself between the fire and your exit.
  • Spare extinguisher & observer
    Have an observer with a spare extinguisher to back you up
  • If in doubt, bail out !
    If you're not sure if you can fight the fire, you can't.