Uttar Pradesh Fire Service
Government Of Uttar Pradesh

Fire Safety Precautions Against Electricity

About 60% fires are of electric origin on account of electric short circuit, overheating, overloading, use or nonstandard appliances, illegal tapping of electrical wires, improper electrical wiring, carelessness and ignorance etc.


  • Use I.S.I. certified appliances.
  • Use good quality fuses of correct rating, miniature circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers.
  • Use one socket for one appliance.
  • Switch off the electric supply of the fire affected areas.
  • Fuses and switches should be mounted on metallic cubicles for greater safety against fire.
  • Replace broken plugs and switches.
  • Keep the electrical wires away from hot and wet surface.
  • Switch off appliance after use and remove the plug from the socket.
  • Switch off he ‘Main’ switch when leaving home for a long duration.
  • Don'ts

  • Don’t use substandard fixtures, appliances.
  • Never have temporary or naked joints on wiring.
  • Don’t lay wires under carpets, mats or doorways. They get crushed, resulting in short circuiting.
  • Don’t allow appliances cords to dangle.
  • Don’t place bare wire ends in a socket.