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What To Do If Trapped In A Burning Building

  • If you're trying to escape a fire, never open a closed door without feeling it first. Use the back of your hand to prevent burning your palm. If the door is hot, try another exit. If none exists, seal the cracks around the doors and vents with anything available.

  • If in a dorm room, use wet towels to seal the space under the door and prevent the entry of smoke. Cracks around the door can be sealed with masking tape if necessary.

  • If trapped, look for a nearby phone and call the fire department, giving them your exact location.

  • If breathing is difficult, try to ventilate the room, but don't wait for an emergency to discover that window can't be opened.

  • If on an upper floor and your window is of a type that CANNOT be opened, DON 'T break it out- you'll be raining glass down on rescuers and people exiting the building. If you can't contact the fire department by phone, wave for attention at the window. Don't panic.