Uttar Pradesh Fire Service
Government Of Uttar Pradesh

Dear Friends,
Fire service is one of the most essential services of an organized society. Fire defines the essence of life, yet it causes many deaths every year.

Fire Service Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh is entrusted with the task of fire fighting and rescue operations in times of emergency. Each personnel in the department has the onerous task of saving the people in distress. It is the endeavor of the department to ensure that the delivery of services to the public reaches with minimum delay. Uttar Pradesh Fire Service Department is headed by an officer of the rank of Director General of Police and has a strength of more than 8278 personnel and operates through 349 Fire Stations in 75 Districts.

Uttar Pradesh Fire Service is presently equipped with more than 1368 Fire Service Machines to address fire contingencies. Uttar Pradesh Fire Services has its own Fire Service Act. The main task of the fire fighters is to save and protect life and properties of the people in a fire related calamity either natural or man-made. It needs physical strength and sensitivity.

Uttar Pradesh Fire Service is also doing yeoman Service in the prevention of COVID-19 crisis by engaging in active and extensive Sanitization with the help of local administration. This way the boots on the ground have increased responsibility and are doing wonderful work in helping overcome this Pandemic.

We alone cannot fully serve people if people themselves also don't take preventive measures. We appeal to industrialists, owners and occupants of multi-storied buildings, commercial complexes, educational institutions, cracker manufacturers etc. to follow the fire safety norms to ensure safer society.
I wish happiness and safety to the people.


Director General of Police
UP Fire Service
Government Of Uttar Pradesh