Uttar Pradesh Fire Service
Government Of Uttar Pradesh

Performance Indicators for Uttar Pradesh Fire Service

S.No. Department functions Quantity measures Timeliness and quality measures
1 Registration
  • Number of Fire NOC and Fire Report Issued
  • Average time to grant Fire NOC and Fire Report
2 Training and Education
  • Total Number of Users assisted
    • Telephone
    • Walk-in Written correspondence
    • E-mail
    • Customer Based Counter
  • Number of advisory visits
  • Number of educational seminars
  • FeedBack
  • Opinion
  • Survey
  • Average User wait time for service
  • Average time to respond to written User requests
  • Accuracy of responses provided Utility of visits and seminars (determined by surveys)
3 Payment
  • Total value of payments processed
  • Average processing time
  • Average number of days to issue a refund
  • Return processing accuracy/error rate
  • Payment processing accuracy/error rate
4 Fee collection
  • Total value of fee collected
  • Total number of users contacted
  • Total resources (person years) assigned
  • Average age of collection cases Percentage of cases resolved within X months
  • Collection case quality (based on specific scoring tools)
5 Inspection and investigation
  • Simple
  • Comprehensive
  • Thematic
  • Total resources (person years) assigned
  • Audit quality (based on specific scoring tools)
  • Average time to complete an investigation